About Jos

Jos de Blok is a globally recognized keynote speaker, changemaker, visionary and  founder and CEO of Buurtzorg (neighborhood nursing).  His keynote presentations have led him in the past years to countries like China, Germany, India, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Jos de Blok has turned homecare in The Netherlands completely upside down. With Buurtzorg Nederland (Netherlands Neighbourhood care), he has reintroduced the work of the district nurse.

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Peter Drucker Purpose Award

To be linked to the Peter Drucker Society is a big honour. Do we take our social responsibility in our daily work and life? Especially in this Corona Crisis, and the time that will come hereafter, this is more than necessary. Humanity above bureaucracy!

Thinkers50 award

In 2019 Jos de Blok won the The ideas Into Practice Award. The Buurtzorg model of self-management has far-reaching applications beyond healthcare. Basic principles: Innovative ideas have power and can change the world, human affairs are essential and new thinking can lead to a better future.

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New perspectives

Jos de Blok is a man with ideas for the future. Building an international network for knowledge and experience exchange. In many countries nurses and leaders are working on and with the Buurtzorg concept. The coming years we will work on activities that creates a community for everybody involved! We wil start new entities (like Buurtzorg Deutschland) and we will stimulate governments to improve their health care systems.

TV Broadcast: Tegenlicht

How can we live without worries? Inspiring broadcast (Dutch) about the life of Jos de Blok and his vision about health care in the Netherlands.

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Ashoka Fellow

Jos de Blok is Ashoka Fellow since June 2015. Ashoka identifies and supports the world's leading social entrepeneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovaitions, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an "everyone a changemaker world'. Ashoka supports an "Everyone a Changemaker" world through its programs in more than 90 countries, building and amplifying this global movement in three stages.

Albert Medal

Jos de Blok received the 2014 RSA Albert Medal for his transformational new model of community health care.

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First time Best Employer of the Year

On winning the Best Employer of the Year in 2011, Jos de Blok sent an email to everyone at Buurtzorg announcing; “We have won! It is special that despite, or maybe thanks;) to the huge dynamics within Buurtzorg we win this prize. There is in fact no real distinction between employer and employees and I would like to congratulate you all on the result. I propose that each team orders a cake – at the expense of Buurtzorg of course! “ Staff express their pleasure in the self-managed structure of the organisation by awarding Buurtzorg an 8.7 for general satisfaction and a 9.5 for staff involvement.

Founding of Buurtzorg

Jos de Blok was himself originally a district nurse and, until 2006, worked for regular homecare organizations. There, he also held different management positions. ‘I entered the healthcare sector out of passion and compassion. I very much wanted to add something to the lives of others.

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And here we are!